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What does sb. look like? 用于提问人的长相、外貌,意为“他长得什么样?” “What's sb. like? ”用于提问人的性格、品质等,意为“他是个什么样的人?”。 试体会: —What does Cathy look like? 卡西长得什么样? —She's tall, and she has black h...

What is he doing?He is doing.(doing泛指动词的现在分词) What does he do?He does .(does泛指动词的第三人称单数) 但是需要纠正的是; what does he doing 是错的!因为does后面也就是助动词后面要接动词原形

问他是做什么工作的 0 0 回答是学生 回答 he is a student 其他类似的问句 what's your father? 这就是问职业

does 助动词,后要跟动词原形,所以不能用has ,应该是have 另外,he has a cold 的问句应该是: What's wrong with him ?

what is he?他是干什么的?( 问职业) He is a student./ teacher/ doctor. who is he?他是谁? He is my friend/ brother

两者区别不大The intonation of the first sounds stronger while the second is merely a question. :)

What does he have:他有什么? 例句: What does he have to say in the meeting?在会上他该说什么? What does he have for breakfast ?他早餐吃些什么? What does he have ? He has a pumpkin lantern.他有什么?他有一个南瓜灯笼。 What did he...

what he is doing 是错的 what is he doing正确 一般疑问句be动词提前 求采纳!

We can study what he is interested in . 我们可以研究他感兴趣的东西. what 引导的是宾语从句.

What is he like?是用来询问人物的外貌特征或内在的品质。 但是没有How is he like?这么一个句子结构。因为此时的like肯定是个介词,表示“像……”,那说明这个句子就缺少了介词宾语,而how是副词,不能做宾语。

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