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南京林业大学 本一本二文理科选测科目等级要求均为BB。本一:文理科达到省控线就可以填报。本二:比省控线略高的考生可以填报。公办艺术类:文化加专业总分超过500分的考生可以填报。民办艺术类:总分达到420?430分以上的考生可以填报。 金陵科技学...

前者正确。 many,few,several这些是修饰可数名词的词 much,plenty of 修饰的是不可数名词 a lot of ,some 修饰的有可数也有不可数 名词加不加S是根据名词的性质(也就是它是不是可数名词或者不可数名词)来决定的,形容词也是根据名词的可数或不...

in several years几年以后,几年内 用将来时。 如: I will complete my study in several years. 几年内完成我的学业。

在一些年的时间里?应该一般不这么说。可能during several years。那样很中文式英语。

It is +一段时间+since…的句型与It has been +一段时间+since…意思相同 也可以说是since的一种特殊用法吧,请记住~~

Several years ago my daughter Mimi and I took a crack at running the New York Marathon. At the gun, 23,000 runners started -- and 21,244 finished. First place went to a Kenyan who completed the race in two hours, 11 minutes and...


《Do you have any change》 Several years ago I was at a train station in Amsterdam waiting in line to buy a ticket. I saw a young homeless man asking people for money so he could buy breakfast. Most of the travelers simply igno...

它可用于现在完成时态,过去完成时态,一般过去时态或者一般将来时态.如: I have lived here for several years. I had lved in Beijing for several years before I came here. When I was a child,I studied English for several years. They w...

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