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in glasses是戴眼镜的,with glasses也是戴着眼镜的意思,但是不一定是带在眼上,可能放在口袋里或什么地方。

with glasses 佩戴着眼睛 in glasses (没有这种说法,错误。)

本意是:住在玻璃屋里的人不可丢石头。也就是说,世间没有十全十美的人,每个人都有缺点,所以不要批评别人。即所谓「自身有短,勿批他人」。(Nobody is perfect, so we should not criticize others.) 类似的,还有: Don't judge a man until ...

In a building with more than one floor, the term spandrel is also used to indicate @the space between the top of the window in one story and the sill of the window in the story above@. The term is typically employed when there ...

with带着红色的眼镜是吧 in一般接颜色(衣服的)

应该是: What is in the glasses? 不管答语是单数还是复数,提问永远用单数 what is 后半句正确

Coldplay Glass of Water 杯中水 Scared of losing all the time 总是害怕失败 He wrote it in a letter 他在信中写到 He was a friend of mine 他是我的一个朋友 He heard you could see your future 他听说你能够看到你的未来 Inside a glass ...

不可以的。因为这里表示“带着、带有”的意思,而in:prep. 按照(表示方式);从事于;在…之内,通常表示穿什么衣服。 翻译:带着眼镜的男孩。 分析:the boy (名词)with glasses(定语)。 这是一个名词词组。例如: Few politicians, especia...

there are water in the glass.

应该是 class 即 What ( class) are you in? 你在哪班?

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